Thursday, May 16, 2019

THE GROUP just posted an advertisement for a sickening video that I shouldn't link to but I guess I will because you obviously have to see what YOUR KIDS are watching behind YOUR BACKS when you are AT THE GEORGE FOREMAN and you think they're playing COOLMATHGAMES.NET but they are not they are consuming #disgusting content like this and they will never stop if you cannot grow up, learn to use a computer, follow my other blog:

and continue to follow this blog and just FIGURE OUT what is going on with these people it is so sad and it is so scary and I just want


to call me at 6787876459 and tell me why this keeps happening and what we are going to do about it and if anybody on the other side of this screen is even real or if I'm just imagining you out there with your happy families, teetering on the precipice of a black hole that knows no bounds or galactic limitations because yes it is a blackhole of the mind it is a spiritual black hole spawned from anti-matter so dark and secret that not even Jesus will be able to see it or find it because there will be so many demons flocking to how cool they think it is that it's just impossible to even get a glimpse of the freaking thing because like I said of all the demons all crowding around it flying all over the place and can you IMAGINE that kind of place but then imagine your kids faces like a transparent PNG because there's nothing else left of them just their faces and they are floating inside of that crackhole

THIS IS THE FUTURE that improvement movement wants for your family, your friends, your training partner at the gym, really anybody you've met or will meet and I am crying out loud why do you not do something right now?! WHY?

Anyway here's that video:

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Please think about what you're doing



do you really want to let a group who does not reveal their identity to constantly post dangerous content that your kids or your girlfriend could be watching?

what if this content had no discernible meaning?

WHAT IF the person behind it was up to something much darker?

would you think it was so cool then? 

over and over again the IMPROVEMENT MOVEMENT is trying to persuade you to join without asking any questions, well I have a question for you: what about America needs improving?

the answer is clear...


Monday, July 16, 2018



Parents, concerned citizens, and God-fearing individuals alike be warned... 

There is a specter looming over us. A great evil that knows no bounds and will stop for nobody until it has corrupted the minds and hearts of every moral person left in this country and abroad. It chooses to manifest under a deceptive and conniving title: IMPROVEMENT MOVEMENT 


Delights in base pleasures, soft atrocities committed in the name of "improvement." 


Demands its devotees to give the "small price" of EVERYTHING. No distinction is made between the well being of a participant and the needs of the "movement." 


Utilizes perverse subliminal programming and content via innocuous mediums such as INSTAGRAM to reach an unsuspecting, often young audience. 

STAND WITH US to put a stop to this organization.